NFR KA-BAR Customer service!?


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I recently bought a knife from KA-BAR to carry with me whenever im outdoors doing anything. While i was splitting some kindling with it the blade broke in half. Does anybody have any experience with their customer service? i have contacted them but they cant tell me for sure if the warranty will cover my knife. anybody with any info on this would be greatly appreciated.


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i dont know if you would consider a piece of wood a hammer. But it says right on the KA-BAR website that the knife can be used to split kindling. How else would you split the wood if you didnt baton it?

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I'd invest about $7 in one of the flat rate boxes and ship it back to KA-BAR. If it's one of the military style knives it should take a little bit of use. Anyways you have a broken knive and the worst you will have is a broken knife and be out $7. The metal needs to be inspected via a microscope for structural integrity issues.

No one on here is a knife metal expert nor can they give advice sight unseen.