FS Echo 3 Spey Rod

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13' 4'' 8wt Echo 3 spey rod. Used around 10 times this winter. Is in Brand New Condition.

Rod, Sock, Tube, Blank Warranty Card and 570 airflo skagit compact that matches this rod perfectly...


Selling to fund other hobby...


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Nuts---I just spent my last wad on a used boat. I've been looking for this exact rod and decided that I wouldn't find one for awhile now. Someone will be very happy.
Thanks CMANN. It is an awesome rod! Capable of handling heavy work (big sink tips, big flies). I actually bought a Hardy Floating line for it, thinking I was going to head to Northern BC this year, but other things have surfaced which will postpone the trip. Swings for kings with this rod would be more than fun....

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