New Vise Has Arrived


Oh come on! The elves of Rivendale were working on the thing at least you can do is show us what the heck it is! Sheeesh.
Gee Eric, I wish you had of told me what vise you ordered. I have one I would have sold to you at a good price and you wouldn't have waited so long.

PS Just bustin' em. What an outstanding vise. Well worth the wait. Best tying to you.


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Jeez....damascus! Ya know...ya can't fire modern loads in that'll blow the barrel up!

Well...that was worth the wait...a Dama Seal Vise. A veritable pearl before swine like us!


Geeezus! I told you the elves from Rivendale made the thing! I have honestly never seen a vise like that before in my life. I can't imagine you using it to tie flies!!

That's not a vise... that's a sculpture. No wonder it took so long.

After months of sitting at his tying desk drooling over and admiring
his newest possession Big E may actually tie a fly on it.

But seriously, congratulations! It indeed looks like a masterpiece.


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Congratulations on a fly tying treasure. As an added benefit, this thread should help some of us get the thumbs-up for comparatively humble purchases.
Incredible. My jaw literally dropped when I saw that thing. Your vise is certain to be a conversation piece for anyone lucky enough to see it in person.