Fio Rito 3/30 Evening - Six Pack Action

Hit Fio Rito this evening after dinner. I took my 2wt along to make the little stockers more fun. I only have a WF floater for it so catching was a little difficult. I did manage one before switching to my 6wt clear intermediate. I caught 3 more on that. Two of the little guys an one of the larger one. I really need to get a lighter clear intermediate setup, the 6wt is way overkill. Three were caught on Gary Knowles Six Pack from the winter lake fly swap, and one on my green crystal leech from the same swap. Thanks Gary, that little thing really works. In addition to the fish landed I got at least 4-5 strikes on it.
Yes!!! I love that fly and it makes me happy that other guys get action on something I tied. I have a sneaking suspicion that Ira got one on my tie as well. Super easy and cheap tie. If you need more let me know, I'll swap six packs for local river knowledge in a heartbeat.
A few years ago I bummed around the kettle falls area for the summer and fall. I used nothing but a six pack on the area stillwaters and did really well.


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Gary, I used your fly on my local pellet-heads this last week as well. There were sporadic rises for some chironimids that were hatching, but the six pack on the dry line or the clear intermediate cast at the rises did better than hanging a midge under an indicator.
yellow vs natural.jpg

Yellow on the left, natural on the right, both size 14.

I should add that Scottflycst was the one that originally showed me the pattern and taught me how to tie it.

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I quit tying flies because of my shakes. But these look simple enough to tie. Nope I ain't taking it back up. I'll have to do without.