Thompson Wing Former

zen leecher aka bill w

born to work, forced to fish
I broke out my Thompson Wing Former (quill wings) that I bought in the 70's or so. Old glue had hardened, thinner had evaporated.... I'm forming wings for old style quill winged wet flies in sizes 10-14.

You put duck primary feathers in the jig, add the appropriate spacer, and glue the butts of the wings for ease of handling (and pairing up).

The Thompson box is old enough to not have a zip code on it.

Jeff Dodd

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I have read this post twice and I have a question.

Do you burn the wings to shape them, then use this former to create the perfect pair of joined wings?

Have you seen this product still for sale? I lime the idea of realistic wings. Would it show up for in a photo for us all to see a pair?

Thanks for the hint on a possible future gift for myself :)