Brown Heron AJ 1.5 spey

I tied this one today, I found a reference for it in a old book. Not sure who the originator was but it's in the the Heron family of Spey's (Black and Gold Heron). I have never seen a picture of it so I just went by the recipe, there is also a Orange Heron that doesn't use mallard for wings but uses hackles back to back, (Syd Glasso style). I think it's close to what it should look like. I'm pretty happy with the way the wings went on, I actually mounted them on the first try, and believe me... that's also a first! DSCN2176.JPG DSCN2175.JPG

Jack Devlin

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Beautifully done Mark. The mention of Syd Glasso reminds me that this year marks the thirtieth year of his passing. This might be a good time to feature his patterns in an upcoming Fly Salon.

Thanks guy's, appreciate your comments.

Thomas, You're right, and I should have know cause I've tied and fished some of Glasso's patterns years ago, but didn't remember the Brown Heron so I went back and reread the paragraph referring to these patterns.
The way it was written lead me to believe that there were earlier patterns with the same names and materials,Not!!
I'll chalk this up to another "senior moment" I guess. Thought I'd found a missing link between the old Heron's and the newer Glasso's. Thanks for clearing this up for me, I need to research these things a little better. Fun tie anyway!
It's kind of a 'low-bling' Orange Heron and along with the Sol Duc Dark, my favorite of these patterns which is why I chose it as the name for my personal website.

I tie a simplified 'guide fly' version for fishing that I'll try to post soon.