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I don't mind paying for my hunting/fishing license each year: at least a portion of the fees go toward conservation.

What irks me is the multiple linear feet of waterproof paper that then has to be folded up and tucked into a license holder, somehow: license, catch records, turkey, deer and elk tags, etc. what a wad.

There's got to be a simpler a credit card that can be swiped, revealing what the hunter/angler has purchased. Anyone know if this is done elsewhere?

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All I need is a conservation license. It is on Waterproof paper and is about 8" long. I fold it about four times and it fits in my wallet. About the only time I take it out is at the beginning of the next years time when I buy a new one.

In 7 years of fishing here in Montana I have only been asked once to show it.

I know, I know. It's not Washington. But it used to be that way, before they all got greedy.

Jeff Dodd

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This is a serious pet peeve of mine. Bought a recycled waders wallet to carry it all in. And now the Discovery Pass is required at more and more locations it seems.

Last week I fished Roses Lk near Chelan. There is a launch on the lake that required a Discovery Pass. Are these passes not only for State Parks? I havE the D. pass but still wonder if the State has changed the rules a bit in order to sell more of these parking passes.

I am not a conspiracy theory person, but I sound like one tonight :)


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The ones I hate are the ones that say they don't honor WDFW or Discover passes but want actual cash instead. There are two of those nearby and I will most likley never fish either one again.


Scott Salzer

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If you camp at the "state park" your receipt is your "daily discover pass". If ya don't, and just use the access and launch, ya need the discovery pass.

I just throw all the stuff ---- on the dash board.

Then there is the forest pass........... My dash is covered.

City / county, can do what they want with access fees, as Ive points out.

Should be simple, but it's not.

Yeah, I remember buying my Washington saltwater license and it was ridiculous- looked like a receipt from Costco, which I don't shop at.
Up here in BC, we just go online, fill out our info and click on what we want (annual license, freshwater salmon and a steelhead tag). Print it out on computer paper and I fold it up into a ziplock bag. Fits in my chest pack and I just leave it there for the season.
I can't remember how old I was when I started fishing, but in at least 20-something years, I've never been asked for it or checked. Ever.

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I can still remember when I first fished in Washington state. All you needed back in the olden days was a fishing license. You could then fish anyplace you wanted to. Boy, things have sure changed. Now you almost need a pass to fart. Steelhead and salmon punch cards were free.


It's the same deal in Oregon. You get a crummy receipt that is kind'a water resistant but not really. The salmon/steelhead tag is separate so you need to fold a weird-ass origami thing to get both the fishing license and tag to fit in your wallet. For the price we pay for the license and tag , I'd like something a little more substantial than a cash register receipt.

And yup, they've recently started requiring another receipt for parking at specific fisheries.

All so they can keep the damned fish hatcheries up and running.


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in montana one peice of paper is good virtually everywhere. unless your a guide, then you'll need 6 or more documents at a cost of over 800 clams before you guide your first trip every year.