Some days are diamonds, some days are stone....


The wanted posters say Tim Hartman
.....Some times the cold winds blow a chill in my bones. (John Denver)

And then there are some days which are a combination and sometimes they're the very best!

And that's what I had today (especially the cold winds!;) ).

I haven't been fishing in nearly 2 weeks and was really feelin' it!

So knowing today was pretty free of other obligations I decided yesterday I'd head north from Silverdale, cross the Hood Canal bridge and then drive south to a spot on the canal I'd fished several months ago without much success. OTOH, I had intel from a WDFW employee who works in the area that said once the chum fry are present, this spot would be crazy good!

But.....although the winds were calm in Silverdale the northerly was honkin' in the canal! The beach I wanted to fish was a northern exposure and man, when I got there all I could say was "surf's up!!!" Big rollers comin' in and all the water very discolored.

So now what to do?

Hmmm...well, maybe exploring is an option.

So I continued to drive south down 101. Checked out Dosewallips SP 'cuz I thought the beaches there might be a good option and I wanted to check out the camping area also. By this time it was gettin' toward the tail-end of the outgoing tide and man, you gotta walk a long way on the "Dose" beaches to reach the water-line when the tides gettin' down!

So I thought "Hmmm....this doesn't look too good, maybe I should mosey back up the road and look at some of those spots I passed." Even the camping area at Dosewallips seemed a bit too open and not enough private for me.

So turned around and stopped at Seal Rock campground which is yet-to-open. Parked along the highway and walked into the campground.

What a little treasure! Very nice, heavily forested campsites and many are just above the beach. And the beach has scads of rocky structure which made it look good for chasing my favorite slash-jawed trout. I'm gonna go back to this place and camp and fish! Also ran into a Forest Service employee and he and I jawed for about half-an-hour about workin', fishin' and hunting!

So again got on the road, heading north, and saw a little side-road that seemed to lead down to a beach and small cove that looked as if it was a little more protected from the wind. Drove down, parked the truck next to the beach and thought it looked like I could make some casts here without having my fly driven back into my forehead!

Sat on a nice beach log and enjoyed a sandwich before pulling on the waders and trying my luck. It was cool watching the two bald eagles soaring above this cove and observing the several cormorants out on the water squabbling with one another.

Unfortunately, it was now low-water and the bright sun was high in the sky. Not the best of conditions but I gave it a try anyhow.

No cutts were hungry for what I was tossing but, you know, it didn't really matter! I checked out some new areas, found a nice place for a future camping trip, met some nice folks and saw lots of wonderful wildlife and scenery.

A day that was definitely a diamond!!!! :D