Call of the wild


the sultan of swing
Well guys after treadwell was brought up, watching beastmaster and never cry wolf last night and my new found obsession with incense I've decided to head out to the cascades and join the teanaway pack. I am sure my canine friends will see me as an equal and give me the acceptance and love my parents and friends could not. I now only need to find a woman gullible enough to go with me.
Try looking at mikes tavern in cle elum , all native to the area girls hangin out there. No invasive species in that bar


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She's out their waiting for you to be the alpha male

The woman you want may look like that...but the woman you get....well...that's something else entirely. I suspect she'll have a bit more rump if she has anything to do with you. You ain't exactly a Bellevue Microsoft prize. Stretch marks ain't optional, and mileage will definitely vary. Could be the last decent women who'll have anything to do with you.