New 11' 3/4 switch rod

zen leecher aka bill w

born to work, forced to fish
I picked up a little switch rod the other day with the main intent of using it for chironomid/indicator fishing. Just lawn cast it with a DT5F on and in a 5 mph sideways wind pushed out 70 feet with it.

The price was right as it was $99.

(and a 5 mph wind over here is a zephyr)

zen leecher aka bill w

born to work, forced to fish
The Anglers Roost out of New York. Comes with two tips. I don't know if the mfgr is being prudent or... if there's a message there.

I had a 13' float rod back in my days of throwing bobbers and egg clusters for salmon. It was too noodly to get a good hookset. I hope I didn't revisit those days with this fly rod. The new chemically sharpened fly hooks shouldn't have an issue.


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i have a buddy in NY who's a 2 hander fanatic and has said real good things about A.R. products. and for the price i dont think you can go wrong.


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I have one of their 10' 3/4wt rods. Isn't exactly the lightest rod, and I really just bought it to practice building a rod and wanted a 10' 3wt without paying for one of the better brands. It's more of a 4wt, and even a 5wt. Definitely does not throw a 3wt very well. I need to get a 5wt line and try it, but a 4wt works just fine.

I've found it to be awesome for fishing long leaders and dries. Lots of folks think of these long rods as nymph rods, and they're great for that. But I just see them as awesome dry fly rods.

zen leecher aka bill w

born to work, forced to fish
I don't agree with FlyinFish's post above mine unless maybe there's my rod blank was different than his. My 11' 3/4 switch rod is light. I have felt "clubs" before and the switch rod is not one of those. It probably is two different rod blanks in question.

I may get a day out on the water next week to give it the fish test.