Lone 4/23

Gregg Lundgren

Now fishing on weekdays too!
Lone Lake was slow today, but what a beautiful day to be out fishing. Most folks were commenting on how nice the weather was, because the catching was not very good.

There were fish jumping and sipping with a nice hatch coming off, but around 15 boats were just getting the fin from these finicky fish.:confused:

Finally, I gave up on fishing midges, and found a leach they wanted; slow troll and strip combination only, cast and strip just wasn't cutting it. I went 4 for 6 only due to perseverance. Dang, I was there nearly all day. I did end the day with a good sized fish though around 5:00. Sure beats a day at work!:)

Nice fish photo. I wish I was out yesterday. Had to do yard work instead. Thursday is a full moon, but going to fish it anyway on my favorite lake near N Bend after work.
Nice fish Gregg. I saw a lot of boats on the water yesterday every time I drove down Bayview Rd. I'm going to hit it today for a bit, should be warming up nice.

Gregg Lundgren

Now fishing on weekdays too!
Funny thing about that particular fish. It fought hard, but down deep, more like a brown. As I persuaded it from the bottom to a point near the surface; looking down, the fish appeared to be totally rose colored. It actually set me back for a moment. I guess the rose colored banding, cheeks and bilateral fins caused a perfect storm in the rare sunshine.;)
Nice - gotta love the rubber nets! Looks like spawning colors on that fish.
When I first started fishing Lone I caught a fish now and then that I thought looked a lot like a brown. When I talked to Gil Nyerges about it he said that sometimes the rainbows will get real dark as in spawning, even though they can't spawn there.


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Sometimes you'll see bows trying to mock spawn of the gravel at the boat launches on lakes.
Kind of weird to watching them building a red will you're trying to launch your boat.