What is fly fishing?


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Fly fishing does not include bobbers! All I got to say...except it could include a nightcrawler if you air it up and swing it on the surface.


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take a graphite rod an artificial cork and a fake chironmid,(sp?) lob it in the water and sit there watching the fake cork waiting for a fish to pull git under. It requires only rudimentary casting skills, there is no line management, presentation, or manipulation of the fly.
Are you sure you are really chironomid fishing?
The people I know that fish chironomids well manage their line, change up their presentations and manipulate their flies.
Well, I just don't know. Never having had the opportunity to stand on the grassy banks of the Itchen, dressed in my tweeds and holding my
bamboo rod with a silk line and a well dressed fly attached, I guess I have never truly been FLY FISHING.

As a gear fisherman, i do enjoy fishing my OLIVE BUGGER, dragged thru the lilly pads looking for what ever might lurk there.

I guess I just don't have any class.
Fly fishing = fishing. The goal is to catch fish.

There is no relevance to a specific definition. It's not a competition. It doesn't matter if anybody considers one method or another to be "fly fishing."

If you don't feel proud of catching fish by hanging a chironomid under an indicator then you shouldn't fish that way.

It's hard enough to get into this sport as it is without people trying to put down one method over another. Why try to be divisive about it?

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some things are fly fishing and some things are not but as soon as you lay down any type of criteria some elitist person who holds your opinion in way to high of regard gets offended because what he does does not fit the criteria for what is fly fishing. He gets offended because it's more important to him to be known as a " fly fisherman", as though such a title was actually worth something, than it is to actually fly fish...

if your line carries your lure and attachments to the target you are fly fishing.. if the weight of your lure and attachments drags your line along behind it you are gear fishing with a fly rod.

be offended as you want that's the truth.

fish how you want... don't worry about what it's called and don't worry about what other people think..
thats the best answer I have read yet!!!

Eric Denny

Summer is over but I'm still fishing!!
Its funny because when I was a kid. the first time I seen a fly used was when this old guy had it tied to a spinning rod about 2ft behind a clear bubble. I took that style home with me and when I showed my grandfather's neighbor this style he chuckled and showed me his style of fly fishing. Which took a hole lot more skill then the other guys. I think Rob put it best, thats not saying that other people are not fly fishing, they are just not fly fishing in a matter that I look at as fly fishing. I think you need to learn things that a bait or spin casting angler doesn't know. But one thing everyone loves about fly fishing is you can get as in depth as you want and make it as complex as you like. So to those of you who troll using a fly rod, or hang a fly from a spinning reel. Thats your choice and feel free to call your self a fly fishermen. I am not going to judge anyone as I am new to being back into the sport. But to me fly fishing is a art and something of beauty when done right and thats when your fly is carried to a rising fish and presented to it in a manner that makes it feel like its something to feed on, by your line and not the weight of the object that you tossed his way. just my .02$

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sorry for the multiple replies, my brain isn't totally together this morning.

as far as being "divisive", i don't think that is the goal... but should the term "fly-fishing" be so inclusive to include almost everything? do we create a level playing field where trolling a fly behind the boat with fly gear is called the same thing as casting and retrieving a fly for the same species?