New Pro Bass Shop in south Tacoma but support Puget Sound Fly Co.


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Hmmmn let me see.... I live in Camano Island and I drive 108 miles one way to Anil's shop to get my stuff. I was stationed in Virginia and especially Florida surrounded by fly shops, and I still order my fly gear from Anil.
Bass Pro a few miles from Anil, Don't think I'll even be tempted....


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Love Puget Sound Fly Co.! Anil is a valued member of our community.

As long as premium flyfishing manufacturer's sell to the big box stores, the fly shops will suffer.


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I bought stuff from Cabela's back when it meant a paper catalog and sending my order through the U.S. mail, so I still get some stuff at their Lacey store. But as a western WA native, I don't think I'd want to be seen in a place named "Bass Pro."

As for Puget Sound Fly Co., they got good stuff!


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Thanks for all the kind words, and your support over the years. Have you guys been talking to my Mom?;)
In all seriousness, the biggest challenge that a shop like ours faces is getting people in the door for the first time. All specialty shops continue to pay for the misdeeds of some. There are shops still today (and definitely in the past) who couldn’t be bothered to be friendly and helpful to everyone who came in the door regardless of bank account, age or experience. Bad customer service sticks with people for years and they are often reluctant to give any other fly shops a try or warn others about how elitist, overpriced and condescending pro shops are.
I am extremely proud of our customer service record and our rate of repeat business. If any of you happen to head down in the future to check out our new neighbors, please take the time to come in and say hi.
Anil Srivastava
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My feeling is this: PSFC has nothing to fear from Bass Pro. In fact, just the opposite. No one who has ever shopped at Anil's store is going to be 'lured' away by something a big box store offers.....(sorry about the bait fishing pun...) And... who knows? Maybe an 'anchor' store like Bass Pro will bring folks into the area who will want to take advantage of being able to buy their propane and cast iron at the discount giant, then run by the 'real' fly shop for their premium gear, great advice and amazing service. I think it's going to be good for Puget Sound.

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Sign up for the BPS/Cabelas/REI credit card, buy all your stuff from Anil, and use your dividend with the big guys. Got me a free GoPro Hero3 this year from REI. Last year it was a stove and a tent.
Its funny you say that because that the same thing I told my wife. When we used the cabelas card she was like you can get your fly stuff from there and I was like um NO but we can use it to get a tent or some sleeping
Hopefully, when this BPS opens people (like me, this year) will visit the big store, end up breaking the ice and getting into the sport and then realize there are places to get better gear and support a local business at the same time. Long live PSFC.
The first time I walked into Anil's shop to buy a few things I needed before heading off to a beach I had in mind, he showed my how to tie a shock-and-awe and gave me the fly he'd just tied. Awesome customer service, great shop. When I still lived down that way it was where I would go if I needed something on my way to the beaches. Long live PSFC.
I visited one of these stores in Michigan. Not so great in the fly fishing department.

Yea, don't think I would ever go there for fly fishing in the first place. Although, I'm sure you can get some good deals on stuff for gear fishing - its not really their specialty. Either way, I don't think it should have too much of an effect on PSFC. I have dealt with their shop and they are awesome. I have been to quite a few fly shops, and thier service is about as good as it gets. If someone is going to shop at BPS for their fly fishing needs, they may be disappointed with both the product and the service they receive.

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Still can't believe that my wife walked in and asked for the best rain jacket they had - They sold her the best, then I got the Visa bill. Still have that coat, and it is the best.

Support PSFC!

I'd figure that shoppers at BPS would be the same ones that chucked the packaging from their new cheapo fly rod outfit on a gravel bar one fine day. Man, don't those chuckers know it's hard to fold up that cardboard small enough to fit into the back of my vest? So inconsiderate.
I frequent a lot of BPS around the country and think they are a great store. I like their fishing shirts and other clothing, but I wouldn't ever consider buying fly gear there because they don't cater to that type of fisherman. I don't know Anil's shop but I am certain that they offer something you will never get with the big box stores, that is the personal touch. The local fly shops know the gear, they know the sport, and they use the products. If they are good at their job they won't be put out of business by a BPS. Competition is good if you know your niche....