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I've been a member on here since 2001, according to the info I get when I click on my avatar... I used to be on a mailing list before that, but I can't remember if that became this site or was something completely different now. I had more posts at one time, but some were lost when Chris merged two profiles together for me a while back.

I check out WFF once in a while these days, but not as much as 10 years ago. It seems most of the posts are a rehash of similar threads... What rod? What line? Best fish? Swinging vs nymphing vs whatever? Not looking for secrets, but...?

By my post count it looks as if I post about 27 times a year, or ~.076 times a day, which is probably too much.The only reason I'm posting now is because I'm bored and the rivers are still frozen up here in Fairbanks. When the Chena thaws I'm going to go catch some Grayling, take a few pics, and then I'll have a post to share! Enjoy fellow fisher people!


David Dalan

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Postwhores. All of you.


It's good stuff, you post-aholics are part of what brings me back. It's interesting to see some of the same post crazy people that are still around after my "break" from the site (2008-mid 2012 more or less) and the notable few who are not.

Anyway, keep up the good work lads!


Indi "Ira" Jones
Now Evan I need to worry about because he is young, but you old guys will eventually die and unless you guys come back from the dead I'm gonna get you eventually!


My name is Mark Oberg
Ya, that was one kid I really wanted to fish with. Were did he go, did he grow up and get married or something dumb like that?.


The Dude Abides
Fished with Zen, AKA, Andy last weekend. Same dude, fishy as they get

He graduated from college last summer and then was in AK guiding all last summer, prolly with limited interwebz access. Then he guided out of forks this winter....just living the dream!