Swap Summer Steelhead Swap 2013

Cameron Derbyshire

Steelhead, Classic Atlantic salmon flies
Anyone up for a summer steelhead swap? We're getting closer and closer to the first appearance of the summer runs. Flies should arrive by June 15. Looking for about a dozen swappers. Your choice of pattern.

1. me - Cummings Special (done)
2. David Dalan - Swinger & Gold BH Prince (received)
3. BjornJon (received)
4. Ctcooney - Ferry Canyon
5. Brian Thomas - Kispiox Bright (received)
6. Chris Johnson (received)
7. Spring Cr (received)
I`m a bit hesitant to join because the flies I sent for the last two swaps I was in took a loooong time to arrive at the destination .
If the due date was pushed back a bit , I`m in .
I"m (relatively) new to the forum but I'd love to get into this swap. Not sure how it works, but if folks are into it I'd like to contribute some Ferry Canyons.
I can`t read . Apparently .
I thought Cameron said the due date was May 15th .
June 15th gives plenty of time .
I`m in , and will tie a Kispiox Bright (variation) .

Cameron Derbyshire

Steelhead, Classic Atlantic salmon flies
Let's give it one more week, then close it. I know it's a small group, but I take it interested/enthusiastic group. Once it closes I'll pm swappers with my address. I'll take photos and post them in our respective gallery.

David Dalan

69°19'15.35" N 18°44'22.74" E
Mailing PB over the border is not an issue on your end, but I am pretty sure that those in the US receiving it will run afoul of Federal Law. I am not 100% certain, but with the listing of the bear in 2008, I think it's best to avoid shipping PB to the US.

Anyone else know better? I could be wrong, but I'd like to err on the side of caution...don't ship me any PB.