K-Pump Mini or K100?

Has anyone used the K Mini that can compare it with the K 100? It would be used to inflate a 10 ft pontoon or a super cat. I had been using a dual action pump..until was broken last outing.

Greg Smith

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I just bought a mini K-pump. I will be great for topping off and carrying with me in my Prowler for adjustments at the lake. But i tried using it to fill the float tube and gave up after two hundred pumps.
I have a K100. It is a great little pump and I would highly recommend it for topping off - works great for topping my 13' tubes. I don't know the specs on the Mini, but I would NOT recommend the K100 or anything smaller if you are inflating from zero. My experience when using the K100 to fill my watermaster from flat was basically the same as Greg described.
I have used my mini to inflate my Scadden Freestyle float tube and it worked great. I did not try it vs my K100, but I suspect it would take maybe twice as long (volume?). But, as my physics professor pointed out, physics wouldn't be half as hard if I tried studying it.
Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like I need to get another dual action and look into a K pump to pack along with me to top off the toons during the float.
Good advice, Ed. I've got the K 200. I top off my Renegade with it, then put it with some other gear in a waterproof bag behind the seat. It's easily available if I need to add a little air. I like the increased volume that it offers..


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I have a K40 and it fills my WM in about 5 minutes of good pumping. Not sure what sizes the others are but the k40 is about 24" in length, with a 4" dia. tube.

Kent Lufkin

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Depends on how big a pump you want to lug around and how much time you wanna spend pumping with it.

I use a little LVM 12v electric for inflating from flat to about 1 to 1-1/2psi, then a K-100 for topping off to a gauge-measured 2-1/2psi. Between the LVM and the K-100, my Super Fat Cat takes about 3-4 minutes, including the seat cushions. My big Watermaster Kodiak is fully inflated in about 4-5 minutes. A little bit longer for my 10ft Maxxon tubes.

Yes, you could use a K-Pump for the entire process. But the bigger the boat, the more I'd start wondering how much my time is worth. I'd rather be fishing than wasting time pumping.