NFR Big Twin Report


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We got back late Sunday evening after 3 days of fishing in the Winthroup area. We'll they said it was going to be windy on Sat and the wind didn't dissapoint. Gusts to close to 30 all day on Sat and Fri had some good wind later in the afternoon. Sunday was great until around 1pm and then it got windy again, although not as bad as Sat.
My plans of me teaching my girlfriend to chirono fish was scraped because of the windy condictions.
We fished Davis on Fri afternoon and caught 7 fish between us. It was only the second time we ever fished it. Two were caught on chirono's with a few missed take downs. It got so windy we had to honker down the private ground to keep from getting blow to the other side of the lake. Fish were in the 10 to 16in range. A few guys that were on the lake in the mornig did well chirono fishing.
Sat the wind started as soon as we got on the water, about 10am. It blew in gusts and then in increased for the rest of the day. the guys that could anchor up well did good chirono fishing. I made the mistake of renting a boat for a half day on Sat. We should have never left the dock. To may a long story short, it was a total CF. With one fish caught on are afternoon adventure and a total of 10 fish for the day. Sunday was looking great when we got on the water at 9:30. I got 9 and my GF netted around 5 with several lost. All the fish we caught were in the 12 to 17 in range.

Lessons learned.
1. Chirono fishing is very tuff in 30mph wind in a pontoon boat.
2. A CF when casting is sure to happen when casting in that much wind. Well, it sure happened to me.
3. The rental boats at B. Twin suck. Shitty oar locks almost cost me not being able to row back to the resort. Shitty anchor line with hugh notts made it almost impossible to set the anchor fast.
4. Never listen to a novice, GF, when they say lets try it, we already paid for the boat.
5. Don't stay up to 1am drinking the evening before the opener and then again the next evening doing the same thing
6. I'm a long way from being a chirono fisherman.

We both caught fish and didn't get skunked.
My GF caught her first fish on a chirono and was happy with the amount of fish she caught.
We both had a good time.
Most chirono fishermen are helpfull. Thanks to the two guys that gave us some good tips on what to use

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Talked with a friend who fished Big Twin Sunday in the wind. He fished the shallows with scud patterns and said fishing was really good.


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Nice video. I was watching the blue boat the whole time; he was persistant. Like tracking the baseball under the colored hat at the Mariners game. I miss Winthrop.... Need to take a road trip.