NFR SCCA Event at Packwood, Wa

This is wayyyy NFR, but I know some of you guys like to do other things than fishing outside, and it will be great weather this weekend!!
Welp, its everybody's favorite time of year again!! Autox season!!!
Our first event up in Packwood is this coming weekend.
Everybody is welcome to come out. If you want to camp out, it is super fun. We do a big bbq saturday night.
I dont know if I am taking my car or Lindas subaru up, but I will be up that way Friday night.
If you are thinking of heading up, let me know, tell me what you are driving and I will keep an eye out for you.
I am pretty easy to spot. I am part of the big tent group at the south end of the building.
We run at the old Hampton Mill site at the West end of Packwood (just as you are coming into town from the West). Pull into the gate and go east a ways, look in the furthest east building and you will see us.
It proly wont look like mutch from hwy 12, but go inside, it will be worth it!!

I posted up a photo of the car I am driving in the gallery.
Nice looking Supra (celica?). My dad used to take me autocrosing with him when I was a kid. He was a white collar man for Toyota and got a new demo every few months, so I've been around the cones in quite a few early Celicas and Supras. It still looks like fun.

What class is your Toyota in?
Thanks Patrick! You should come out this weekend! Not too far from the 'burg.
We run it in street mod class (sm), but the car should really be in xp as it doesnt have an interior and we have
done a major motor (JDM 1jz) and now turbo (t5/t6) swap to it. We dont run with the front runners of sm, so they let us toy with the thought that we will catch them some day.
Welp, the front suspension (ball joint, passenger side) blew out on the supra this morning when my buddy was driving it into work to shake down some adjustments he made on it.
If I can find another car to run in SM, I will still be going up, but it is looking kinda grim right now.
Patrick, let me know if you were thinking about going and I can give you a call as things change and let you know for sure if I will be heading up.