Multi Species Lake Report - Fio Rito

I got up at the crack of dawn before the wind started and went out to Fio Rito Lake for a few hours. I took my Zodiac and a few different rod/line combos for both trout and bass. I ended up with 7 fish in all. Three 14" planter trout that fought very well. I guess they're acclimated after almost a month in the lake. Two little bass and Two bigger bass. Although I spent a ton of time casting with a large sparkle bugger for the bass, I ended up catching them on the same fly I was using for the Trout, a ruby eye mohair leech. I first got interested in this type of fly this past winter after reading a thread that Troupocket started. These basic leeches in several colors and slight variations are really working well for me.


David Prutsman

All men are equal before fish

I can't seem to expand the picture any further; what is you use for the "eye" on that mohair? It almost looks like a translucent conehead.

Glad you had some good luck, too!

This was a store bought fly and I pulled pic off the web. It think it's an Umpqua brand fly. It's a very small elongated brass conehead with a translucent bead behind it. The dubbing or mohair has some shimmer to it. To my eye it's the best looking simple leech. After I find the little cones and the bead I'll be making some for myself.

I was surprised that it didn't catch any Bluegills. They would swarm up to the fly, but then ignore it.