New Pram Build - Finished at Last


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Thought you all might like to see what I've been working on for about the past year. In early 2012 I decided I wanted to finally tackle building my own pram. So in May of 2012 I purchased the plans to build Warren Messer's Hudson Springs Pram, in the 9ft "Flycaster" version.

It was a long journey and I grossly underestimated how long it would take. I naively figured I'd have a boat finished and be out fishing by June or July of last year... this was not the case!

But at last it is finished and I actually got it wet this Saturday on a local lake. I didn't fish, but rowed it around and did some basic sea trials. I took a level out with me to make sure it floated true, stood up to check stability (was surprised how stable it was...) and then sat in the bow and stern to see how much that would tip it. I also took my fiance out for a bit to see how it does with 2 people (turns out it works fine, as long as one person is at each end of the boat).

The icing on the cake was when Warren Messer himself showed up at the lake and I got to meet the man who designed this little boat. (I wish I would have gotten a picture of Warren, me, and the boat, but didn't realize what a cool shot that would have been until later that evening...Doh!)

Here's a few pics of the finished pram. I also have a photobucket page that has almost 300 pictures taken along the way documenting the entire build. PM me if you want to see more and I can send you the link and password.



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Really nice work.
Your pontoon in the background looks a bit deflated about your new boat. Kind of like "now that you have a pram, I know you'll never use me again!". ;)


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I love it. Sure wish I had that kind of talent. In picture one the is something to the right of the seat that appears to be a support of some kind. Could you possibly post some inside pics and maybe a bottom pic please and thankyou.
Beautiful pram! I wish I had a suitable location to store a wood boat. I'd love to add a wood pram to my fleet. I've always enjoyed looking at them.

Excellent work, and thanks for sharing with all of us!


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Thanks for the kind words, fellas.

As far as the weight, I'm really not sure. I think it was designed to come in at less than 100lbs, but until I figure out a way to weigh it, I'm only guessing at what the actual weight is.

Gofish101 - I'm attaching a few more shots of the interior. there are 3 "bulwarks" spaced along each side (6 total). These are triangular stiffeners which bolster the joint between the bottom and sides.


Nice boat! Don't worry about the extra time. They always seem to take more time than we expect, and sometimes the little ones take longer than the big ones.


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Thanks for the extra pics. I have a bench style seat in mine but really like the pedestal style you have. Mine is an 8 footer and I find rowing it a dream, just skims ontop of the water and very stable for standing and casting or stretching. Thanks again for the extra pics and hope you enjoy the boat.


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Congratulations. Looks wonderful. The time doesn't matter. And now you can fish from a boat you built yourself - very unique.



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Merle - Very cool. One question. How is a pram used to fish for steelhead? ;)

Well done.

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Hey SteveA - LOL... you have a good memory....Yes, I do recall saying something about preferring steelhead to trout once when were were talking about the Green... and while steelhead fishing with a two hander is still my favorite way to chase fish, I do enjoy still water trout fishing, especially if there's a chance for a big fish. I guess I just like the "tug" more than anything...:D

Thanks everybody for the kind words on the boat build.