Pattern Pacific Herring Pattern

This pattern has worked really well for me in the Sound over the past two years on both Coho and Chinook. Nothing fancy: Mustad #4 34011 stainless steel hook, white Bucktail underbody mixed with a little chartreuse Ultra Hair, blue Krystal Flash back, a pinch of mixed pearl pink and pearl green Angel Hair veiled over the sides and topped with Peacock Angel Hair, mono tying thread and small stick on eyes with the head coated with epoxy. Give it an injured baitfish retrieve by varying the strips interspersed with pauses. Works really well on a sinking line set up around kelp or baitfish popping the surface.



hi Greg

do you fish this fly off the beach?

Did you write the article on sea run cuts? if so, it was excellent. any chance of you posting images of the flies you mentioned in this forum?

i usually fly fish for pinks and coho off the beach.

this is my first year fishing bluebacks off the beach. if you fish for bluebacks off the beach i'd really appreciate any info you might have on the best flies.



Rob Blomquist

Formerly Tight Loops
This is one beautiful looking fly, and I would love to see some more detailed directions on how to tie it. A bigger image would be nice too, as I could then see the detail in the fly.


Scott Willison
Nice looking pattern Greg! As I begin to restock my arsenal for Neah Bay this summer, I will be certain to add a dozen of these to the list. I can just picture myself anchored off a kelp bed watching those marauding coho attacking it from all angles!

Tight Loops,
It looks to be a variation of Trey Combs' Sea Habit series, which are surprisingly simple to tie. The epoxy head just requires some time and finesse to get it just right. Detailed instructions for the Sea Habit should be pretty easy to come by if you consult your local shop.
Thanks for the kind words, they are truly appreciated. Playing around at the tying bench is always fun, especially when one trips across something that is both aesthetically pleasing and works well in actual use. Actually, this fly is a variation of an East Coast Striper fly by Capt. Ray Stachelek called "Capt. Ray's Angel Hair Fly" ( I thought it could be easily modified to more closely imitate a West Coast Pacific Herring. No great discovery or claim to innovation on my part, just varied some of the materials.

Rob: I'll work on getting larger and better images posted with more detail and step-by-step instructions.

Boxcar: I found returning Silvers in the Fall really like this fly. Size? Color combination? Conformation? Materials? Confused fish? Dumb luck? All of the above? :DUNNO

Nic: Sorry for the delay in replying. Didn't see any responses to my post or activity on this section of the Board for several weeks after posting the image and became remiss (OK, lazy) about checking it. Couple that with a week's vacation fishing some old haunts back in Florida, a long list of "honey-do" home improvement projects and then...
Anyway, I fish mostly around southern and central Puget Sound from my boat.

Good fishing, all.

Have you ever used this pattern in the surf. I'm going to Copalis Beach next month and am going to give it a try. I know fish can be caught in the surf but I've never tried it. Surf perch are the most common catch but I've heard that salmon may be in the area too. This looks like a great all around saltwater pattern.

Do any of the local shops carry your patterns?


I've not fished this fly in the surf. Nice compliment but no, none of my ties are found in shops; I tie for my own experimentation, use and enjoyment and also take pleasure in sharing some of them with a few close friends. I doubt shops would be interested in them, but thanks for the vote of confidence regardless. Hope you have success if you give it a try.

Hi! Greg, well I fish for silvers & kings here in alaska. I mainly troll for both. I do some river fishing. I don't fly fish yet. I really interested in the herring pattern for trolling. Have you trolled the pattern?? I'm also interested in learning how to tie this pattern..