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I am scheduled to be in Seattle for a business trip next week and have the weekend of the 18th open in Seattle and would like some suggestions for a fly fishing side trip for Saturday and Sunday or suggestions for local guide recommendations. I am a trout guy by heart but am open to whatever might be a good option for this time of year. Hope someone can help this poor southern redneck.

The Yakima for trout would be good and I would recommend board member Derek Young as a guide for that trip.

Fishing beaches for cutthroat is always a good bet and Bob Triggs is the first name that comes to mind as far as a guide goes.

Lots of good lakes around as well.
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Bob Triggs is a good choice if he's open and you have time to go to9 the Olympic Peninsula. For closer to Seattle or if Bob 's busy, try Dave Dietrich. You can reach him at Puget Sound Fly Co, a sponsor on this site.