FS Tube fly materials tonage for sale whole sale!!!

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Up for sale is the following:
49 packages of arctic fox 4.00 each
13 packages nutria 5.00 each
8 packs hmh tiers tubes clear short 3.00 each
38 packs eumer tubes various colors 3.00 each
17 packs eumer discs variable sizes and colors 5.00 each
11 packs bead and cones from hmh many tungsten 4.50 each
36 packs hmh junction tubing colored 2.00 each
39 packs hmh tiers tubes aluminum sm med lrg 4.00 each
37 packs hmh tiers tubes copper sm med lrg 4.00 each
27 packs eumer body and cone varius colors 8.00 each
3 hmh tube fly adaptors 15.00 each
mega pile of different materials seriously around a paper bag full of various materials. if you buy it all or a lot this is included.
This was used by me in the past for commercial tying no longer doing the flies need to sell at wholesale price.
if you buy the complete package 1200.00 shipped
if piece by piece real shipping will be quoted.


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