Anybody seen the new Sage waist packs?

Brian White

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I don't usually use a waist pack, but have noticed that Sage now carries two models: a "small" waist pack and large waist pack. I am looking primarily at the large waist pack due to my packing-overkill tendencies and desire for built-in water holder. Has anyone actually seen these, or used similar? I am seeking wisdom from the grizzled "waist pack veterans" among us.

Kent Lufkin

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I use a waist pack periodically, especially during the summer when I like to wet-wade our local streams during 'prime-time' fishing for little trout. Like a lot of guys though, my physique has changed over the years and my snake-hips won't hold a fanny (or lumbar) pack up for long, especially if I'm packing a full one-liter water bottle in it.

A few years ago I found a Mountainsmith lumbar pack at REI that holds a day's worth of gear, lunch and a couple of water bottles. It's similar to this one:

The best thing about it though is that it has attachment points for Mountainsmith Strapettes - fully adjustable shoulder straps that hold the pack up without the need to cinch it tight around my waist ( Loosening the waist belt allows me to twist it around to one side of the other to rummage around in it to find stuff without having to take it off. If I need to keep a camera or cell phone dry, I just put it in a ZipLoc baggie that I stow inside the pack.


Eric Denny

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Have you looked into a sling pack like patagonia atom sling pack I got one of those and its the best back I have owned or tried. and its 80$ or so. might want to check that out

Old Man

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I tried a fanny pack for a while in the summer time. I kept losing stuff off of it so I just bagged it and went back to a vest. Now all I do is park my truck and step out and catch fish. I don't have to pack anything. It all sits in my front seat. I'm only a hop, skip, and a jump away from the water.
I've seen these first hand and they are pretty cool. The magnetic closure points are surprisingly strong- I didn't expect the magnets to be so strong.
The smaller pack is more suitable for those that can drive up to an access point or have a boat bag in the drifter that carries most of the gear. It holds the essentials for fishing per-se: fly boxes, tippets/leaders, tools and your wallet/keys and a few snacks.
The bigger guide pack is well, exactly for that I guess. Holds quite a bit of gear which for me, is great. At the lodge I work at during the summer months, this pack can hold my guests point-and-shoot camera for them, extra batteries, my leader boards and pre-tied mooching rigs, a small box of spoons for when those damned pinks are running, gloves, my pliers/knife, etc.
When operating a Small to medium Centercon boat with a walk-around deck with guests that don't quite have natural sea legs, it's great to have what I will need the most right on hand verses having it packed away under the console or bench or in a boat bag.

I found the chest pack to be a little too stiff for my own liking, but I will tell you this- I felt it was bomb-proof. Maybe the materials will become more pliable and softer in warmer weather, or while in the sun, but while playing with it in the shop, it seemed a little to 'un' for me.

I'm headed back up to the lodge on Friday, the 17th and I plan on having a Guide waistpack sent to me...

Itchy Dog

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I have the 1st generation of the large waist pack and like it a lot. The submersible pocket was why I went with the big one. You can stow a lot of junk in that trunk.


I know from talking to our Sage rep here in AZ the large waist pack is designed to hold a full DSLR if need be and keep it completely dry. The waterproof zipper is the reason it is so expensive. I mean look at the cost of the G4Zs. As soon as you add the waterproof zipper the price exponentially increases.

The shop I work at has all the technical packs in stock, and I have been playing with them for the past couple days and I have to say I am intrigued and impressed. I might be picking one up in the near future.
Are they completely submersible though? From looking at them I don't believe they are. The zipper doesn't lock and there is a small gap between them (2 zippers) that would allow water in. I was going to buy the smaller one until I saw that and figured I'd do more research.


dead in the water
The zipper on the smaller one is a "water resistant" zipper" The larger one has a fully waterproof zipper on the section closest to your back.

I have the first gen of the large one and use it all the time. Unless the 2nd gen has been significantly changed, a DSLR kit would be a tight fit in that pocket I think. But I guess that depends on what your kit consists of. I do carry my Olympus mirrorless and a couple of lenses in mine fairly often. Do keep in mind that there is no padding in that section, unless they have changed it in the updated version.


Like Josh said the smaller one is just water resistant while the larger one has the watertight zipper.

I would pack just a point and shoot and my other electronics in the smaller one without to much concern. You would have to have it submerged for a decent period of time for it to cause damage in my opinion.
I've only extensively handled them in a shop and they are very nice. The magnets are very interesting and would be a nice alternative to velcro since they wouldn't get all ratty and full of plants and shit like velcro does. The zipper to the main compartment is waterproof as is the material from which it is made which is the main thing that attracted me to it. The large isn't so large that its awkward to carry, it's about the size of my Simms Dry Creek if not a little longer but still not overbearingly huge. I wish I had it so I could tell you how it is from in field use, but it's definatly a nice pack and worth a look. In my opinion waist packs are the best way to go, especially if your fishing requires the use of a Spey rod or carrying a net.
Nice...thanks for the replies. The shop I went to only had the smaller bag so that was the only one I was able to look at. I just assumed the zipper config would be the same. I wouldn't mind the size of the bigger one to carry a few extra things in. Is the new large sage pack the replacement for the the Typhoon?