First Time Warmwater Hunt

Thomas Williams

Habitual Line Stepper
Ok so ive never caught a bass or any other warm-water species for that matter and now with temps coming up im looking to broaden my horizons. I know for crappie and bluegill etc im wanting a 3wt or so but im not sure which rods are best suited for bass. Can anyone give me a couple rod and line recommendations and maybe a pm with a small sure thing lake to give a go? Still too cold? Im willing to travel east a bit. Thanks.

Evan Virnoche

5-7 wieght 9-11 foot rod. You do nlt need a 7foit specific bass tourney rod. They will eat all the same streamers and clousers as sea runs and trout. You will want to use a bigger rod for tossing larger flies. I go no smaller than 10lb flotal/mono

Evan Virnoche

also the arboretum in lake washington has good smallie and large action. same with sammamish.

large mouth tend to chill in the warmer lilly/thules and seweed structure with a bassturdy looking water color.

Small mouth congregate more so to physical structures such as pylons, docks, drop offs, and GRAVEL BARS can be found in cooler water tempatures


For tossing large surface poppers and baitfish imitations, I use a 9.5 ft, six weight with a bass taper line from SA. The bass taper is an extreme weight forward and makes it much, much easier to cast large flies.

Other than the bass taper line and bass patterns, I don't use anything different than I do for trout.
Just something to think about, if you were to ever to get balls deep in chasing pond turds and toothy critters. For the beginner warm water fly angler a specialty rod is not needed as previously mentioned a trout rod should be able to do most of what you need.... but a 9ft trout rod has things you don't need and was designed for a different kind of fishing. Most trout rods were designed for throwing smaller offerings including tiny dry flies and slightly weighted nymphs. Their lengths also aid in mending and casting those offerings. A specifically designed "bass stick" is shorter, specifically to accommodate tournament rod length rules, but also stiffer for casting heavily weighted flies, and squirrel sized air resistant top water bugs using special uber weight forward bass tapers and full sinking lines. Let your quarry and environment decide which rod to choose, such as Panfish, bass, pike, etc. Some will be able to cross over but no rod can do it all. Hope this helps.