Dodging the Runoff TR


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Looking for a little clean, moving water.

Departure was delayed by mechanical difficulties so Dawn's crack was seen on the wrong side of the mountains

a little milky but not bad; some trout in here but better for pike

their deliveries tend to be late

I don't even think rootbeer can save that

a bit high here

the boat ramp is just to the left as you can ('t) see

close as I could get

on the comeback trail; 40 years ago, exhaust from the aluminium plant pretty much stripped it


I dare ya

skirting the south side


better, but not quite; jailbait for 3 more days, anyway

train dumped a load of corn here years ago; place was lousy with bears for quite a while

right on the dashed line

Eastslope on the left, Westslope on the right

leaving the tight contour lines behind

some places are best seen in the rear-view mirror, heading out of town; this is one of those places

the local inhabitants and birds voice their disappointment

I got a thing for these like I do beaverslides

speed goats (loads of Huns running around in this stuff, too)

that's more like it

a few, very few bwo's up but no interest, everything came to the nymph; say "cheese" cheeker

was planning on spending a couple days but made the mistake of checking in with home base; repair skills needed ASAP so back in the car (scenery makes the drive easy)