Marabou sources.

Bob Triggs

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Im interested in who your favorite marabou dealers are. I especially like hareline's select blood quill marabou, the long fine type with the very light wispy quill. I don't much like the "spey marabou", which is a more recent attempt at foisting off the funkier and less useful heavy quill marabou feathers. Some tiers do like the spey feathers for their few longer fronds. At that point I switch to Ostrich herl.I ahve heard "Swede's" has some good marabou. Where do you go for your best marabou feathers, colors etc.
Swedes does have great stuff, all their materials are first quality.

Aaron at River Run Anglers has bags of awesome bllod quill marabou in every possible color. He is at and the shop is on the main drag in carnation and is open Wed-Sat.

I also suggest looking at the Spey hackle I sell for marabou uses. It is soft wavy amd has long length, almost no stem, and is terrific for all sorts of weepy hackle uses besides speys. It has a little more heft than marabou and holds it's shape better in the water on a fly.


Rob Blomquist

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I just recently got a package of marabou at Swedes, and it was nice stuff. The down side is you have to buy about 4x as much as the usual package contains, and its $7.95 each.

I buy most of my supplies at Avid Angler, though, and their marabou is pretty good quality. And the packages are reasonable size.

Why are you dissing the spey marabou? I bought a pack that was just the right color for my brass buggers, but it was the finest marabou I have ever seen for tying a collar. Pretty pricy though, but it sure beats picking through the garbage in on of the cheapo packs.
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All the sources already listed are good. The large bags at Kaufmann's are also very good, and a good deal. $3.50 I think??? Good vibrant colors, especially the blues. Oh by the way... Black always seems to be an issue wherever you get it. It tends to run. Why? I don't know...

Rob Blomquist

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I won't buy dyed hackle or marabou from Kaufmann's. I have many destroyed patterns from the dyes running. I am even to the point of throwing out bags of the stuff when I find it in my gobs of tying materials.

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I've got to agree, Swede's marabou is high quality, and it won't run like the stuff from Kauffman's.

Personally, I'm a fan of fine quill marabou, and given the number of patterns I tie with the stuff, I prefer the larger packages from Swede's.


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Well other than black and red, I've had no problems with Kaufmann's stuff, and I have alot. Black especially, but red also seems to be a problem with all marabou I buy. Black bucktails seem to suck as well. Why is it that one of the most important colors is one of the worst quality products the industry cranks out????????

Richard E

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I agree - I've had no problems with the Kaufmann's stuff.

Ted's Sporting Goods actually has a decent supply of the small bags of marabou (strung), good colors, at decent prices. Blood marabou, stuff with actual marabou on it, and not just a stiff, huge quill with a few wisps of marabou hanging off!


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I do not like kmans maribou. I think J fair has very good maribou in very good colors. I'll have to stop in at swede's one day. I can dig up j fairs phone number if anyone needs it let me know.
I've been buying spey marabou but agree that the quills are to thick so I split them picking the best side to palmer for my marabou speys If you peel them from the front tip they come of very thin on the stem side. Years ago when the little fly shop just before Port Angeles was open he hac the best around now after a few new owners I don't see the same stuff there Question for you who has the best jumbo Guiniea feathers dyed of course I HATE to dye need them for 3/0 and tubes

have you ever tried using rabbit hair or finnish fox and raccoon hair? its a great sub and has more profile in the water and is more durable. all around better stuff. from my experience with it.

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My favorite provider is John Shewey and his Marabou is hand selected and his dyes do not "bleed"! His colors are great and the down side is that they are not Cheap!!