Anyone been to Leech Lake yet?

Curious if anyone has been up to Leech ? If so has the launch area been improved at all and could a small boat trailer be backed in? Haven't been up there in several years and it was pretty rough then.

Eric B

Montana hillbilly
I drove by 2 weeks ago and it was still mostly iced over. Dog lake was more open, but not completely clear. That waws before the big heat wave, but i would definitely check before making that long trip.
Dick, I think you can get your pram into Leech - when it opens. The last two years it has been the week before the 4th of July. There is a forest service gate blocking all but walk in access and until they open it, there is no vehicle access.

They seem to wait until ALL the snow is gone from the camping areas to open the gate. Last year I tried to get them to open just the boat launch early but had no success.

Thanks for the in put. Hey Jerry time has caught up with me enough that lifting the Pram in and out of the back of my truck is a pain in more than the butt. I got a really good deal on a small galvanized trailer that I haul it with now. The pros are it's a lot easier, the cons are I have to be a little careful where I go. Of course I can always do as I have in the past, just get as close as I can to the water and then drag it. Hope to run into you somewhere this year. I didn't get out much last year, had some health issues but everything is fine now.