I just got back from 7 days on Roatan in Honduras.

It wasn’t a fishing trip per se, but I was able to fish 3 mornings. I would have been able to fish 5 but I couldn’t get far from the toilet for two of those days. (Note to self and anyone else headed there: Don’t even brush your teeth with that water).

Score: Bonefish 5 Jeff 0.

Had a great time anyway, there were not a lot of fish around but I did see a few, and a couple of them were big, I would estimate one was well over 10 lbs. I made about 5 casts that I thought could have produced fish, but no takers.

I loved the stalking, finding, casting and scaring them away. The sunshine, warm temps and crystal clear water weren’t bad either. This was my first attempt at Bones, it will not be my last, I just hope it doesn’t take 3 years of hard fishing for my first like it did the steelhead.



Rich Layendecker
I was there in March for one day on a cruise ship. Put my fly in what I hoped was the right position in front of two tailing bonefish - instantly they headed for Belize! Spent the rest of the day not quite getting into casting position for Permit. Got one barracuda and a terrific sunburn.


the Menehune stole my beer
Two buddies of mine went to Roatan a couple years ago; they both had the Hershey squirts the entire time they were there and for about 4 days after they came back.

John Hicks

Owner and operator of Sea Run Pursuits
Utila and Roatan are awesome islands. But yes for sure do not drink or eat anything that has been in the water. I made it 10 days once. Everyone else in the party was squirting like sprinklers in August and I was doing just fine. Then made a big mistake. Ordered a lobster roll from a local fishing Key. When the sandwich came to the table I noticed two juicy pieces of tomato fitting on the meat. I pulled them off and ate with trepidations. The next day was the ferry ride back to the mainland. I made it to the ferry terminal then squirted the 3 hour ride back to San Pedro Suala.