An Angler's Paradise???

Ed Call

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Time and place Larry, not all threads are created equal or as accommodating. Some serve a different purpose. Everyone knows I'm an a--hole.


Topwater and tying.
On the other hand, a zoo like the picture can be VERY entertaining!
A comfortable chair out of the line of fire (may require binoculars;)), a cold beverage, and a sense of humor and you have something a lot better than most TV shows.
Think of it as fishing show outtakes.
Did that at Minter Creek last Thanksgiving. Even Santa was there! It was a hoot!


Yup, the circus atmosphere can be entertaining -- if everyone gets along. There was once a huge chum run in the Miami River in Oregon and it was a circus fersure. Fortunately, everyone in the throng did get along and took it all in good humor. Unfortunately, the run was destroyed for a number of reasons and has gone the way of the wild goose... as have so many wild salmon fisheries in Oregon.

However, when it comes to winter steelhead, anglers take the sport far too seriously and sometimes fist fights break out or guns are pulled. I didn't sign on this fishing cruise to end up in a bar fight on a river bar. So those who are into winter steelhead angling are doing so without my attendance.