Cop Cars

Would one of you guys that has a picture or could please describe what this fly looks like post it or e mail it to me? Thanks. -glen
FYI- Those of you that post flies and pictures tie really well and pictures are great to have with post. Thanks for that.
Also, any other steelhead flies you like and wouldn't mind sharing?
I don't think you'll get anything. The cop car is DD's baby and he ain't sharing. It's a client only fly. The guys that have fished with him pretty much all agree to honor that.

Thanks for the prep on a possible "hard landing". I know of DD, and my wife and I were just talking about fishing with him. We will have to wait until then...? Formerly being in the Marine Corps I can appreciate your reply.
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I have not seen DDs cop car.
The steelhead plugs out there by the same name
have a white body with a black head.
So maybe something with a white rabbit body black head
bead or cone.
Where I live in Oregone the cop car plug is #1 , and it
fishs in clear and off water.I am going to try some I will let you know.
I've seen that pic before and could not stop laughing!
Cute though... PS, take away the weels and lights?

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That's the first thing my wife said when she saw it. Well, Dennis has got to be proud of you all, and we hope to get out with Dennis soon, and get our "official badge". I had to Email Dennis so he could have a laugh. I tried to drop it, but I was "baited". I would bet that the knowlegde is what you pay for and the fly is Dennis's gift to you.
-glen ><>


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You will both enjoy your time with DD, and you will see the real cop car!

I have seen it and can tell you that it's a simple fly that works well because of the way DD fishes it.

The trip my son and I made with DD was the best $, I believe I've spent, so far, on anything related to fly fishing.

If I were a trucker, I would say, "Ten-four". I think your post reflects an angler that has come full circle. It is most definately not the fly, but the technique. If fly-anglers old and new were to really read your last line and a half, it may save them a lot of time and fustration. Some may frown and not want to spend their money that way, but if you were to add up all the down time, lost time, wrong flies, wrong times, wrong spots, wrong may not be saving a whole lot (if any). Can't help but confess I learned from part, if not from all of the above. It's not a pretty road, and if the passion isn't there to begin with most won't make it to the end. I have to quit talking about it and book a trip. The angler that is just starting out and plans to spend say ten dollars to get outfitted, would be better off spending eight and giving the other two dollars to a guide like Dennis Dickson. And, before I get corrected on my dollar example...just add a couple of zeros.
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Great job on the picture!
gave me a great laugh.
I have been out with Dennis 3 times now, never caught anything but trout, even though I tried. Since then I have caught my first steelhead, and numerous humpy and chum salmon. It will take a person many years to learn the run timing/holding water/presentation methods/flies (the least important)needed to catch these larger fish, which you will learn in one or two trips with Dennis. He freely shares his knowledge, a rare quality.



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Not trying to bust any bubbles. saw a "cop car" in Michigan not sure if it was a Dickson deal or what:

Thread: white
Hook: 1/0-6
Tail: white marabou, long w/ several strands flashabou
Body: white chenille or crystal flash
Collar: tie in red top, blue bottom flahabou, beard style trimmed short
Head: Bead chain eye

Dunno if this is the infamous Dickson "Cop Car" but just a fly that a guy named the same. Never fished with Dennis myself, but I would think the fly isn't important, but presentation and confidence, and locating fish, reading water. Personally never thought of steelhead fishing as a specific fly game, but a game of reading water and swinging the fly deep. :dunno