Fished myself....


Last weekend while trout fishing I swaped rods with my fishing partner, he was using his brand new Hardy zenith #6 and I wanted to try it, sweet rod by the way. So anyway I was casting the fly 20 feet to some weeds, when suddenly a strong crossed wind hit my right shoulder, the cast with a strong haul was already on the air when I felt this ¡PRANG! sound, a strong slap on the face, the fly hit my glasses first and then the # 4 hook drove itself into my left cheek.
As it was my friends rod and fly I asked him if he had debarbed the fly, which I knew the answer to.... so had to force the hook thru my cheek, just like a piercing to debarb it so I could finally remove it.
Have been flyfishing for 22 years now and never ever drove a fly into me, this is my first time, I was lucky though.
It's so important to debarb the hooks, not only helps catch n release but it also helps in such situations, as important as wearing your glasses permanently.
As I told him, get used to debarb right before tying the fly!!! That way whenever you fish your self you can be released safe and sound for another fishing day.

Tight and safe lines

So right Jim

Funny thing is, I've been watching several fishing accident pics people post in facebook, some pretty terrible and alway thought how on earth could they be so stupid, truth is you always have to be prepared for any unespected situation.


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Ah that sounds painful, and with a #4 hook... I feel for you. I learned that lesson early in my fly fishing career. I snagged some weeds and in my frustration I pulled on the line with my hand- the line slipped and the copper jon sank deep in the tip of my thumb. I had to wiggle the fly for a few min to widen the hole for removal. Lesson learned.