Columbia River Shad


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The shad counts jumped up to 69,000+ over Bonneville yesterday. Below Bonneville should be producing now and the upriver areas may be loaded with fish by mid week. For those of you that have to drive a long way to participate in this unique fishery I will offer up a little advice. While flyfishing for shad is totally awesome you should come equipped with a quality spinning outfit as well. Flyfishing on any given day in the Columbia Gorge can be near impossible. Unless you have the weather dialed in a spinning rig will allow you to have fun hooking lots of shad. Either way have a 'shaderrific' time in Klickitat County. Tom


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The river below Bonnie is high as fuck with lots of debris coming down. If you're boating it, pay attention! Lots of people getting into fish all weekend, but talk about wet.