Snoqualmie Spey

Here ia a fly which is the result of 3 years of research and development on the Snoqualmie river in Washington State. The fly exibits somer tones of salmon, coral, and peach with delicate gold trim and a bronze mallard wing. It is simple, elegant, and deadly. Try one yourself and let everyone know how you like it.

Hook - Alec Jackson Spey, Black
Thread - Pearsall's Gossamer, Salmonberry
Spey Hackle - Steelhead Anglers Spey Hackle, Shrimp Orange
Rib - Lagartun Oval Gold, Medium for 3/0-1.5, Small for 3-5
Body - Alec Jackson Japanese Silk Floss, Peach - PSF29
Collar - Gadwall Flank, Shrimp Orange
Wing - Bronze Mallard

Work hard and keep the body thin and round. Strip one side of the Spey hackle and keep it sparse. The collar has a nice natural brownish/pink/orange color and two turns is plenty. Try one on June 1!

All the materials are available at or at River Run Anglers in Carnation. Tying kits with instructions are also available.

Have Fun.....

That is a great looking fly! I have a question and it may be stupid but here I go... Can a regular flyfisherman effectively use spey fly's when targeting Steelhead? I have been looking into getting into the world of Spey fishing and was just curious to what makes a fly a "Spey" fly and is there dis-advantage to using it with a regular rod. Thanks for all the help I live in North Bend so regardless I am going to tie on of your Snoqualmie Spey's up and give it a run one day!!

Thanks again!

HOT HOT HOT wish I had a camera to show you some of mine one of these days must get down to the shop and see this mecca you guys have created for spey tying materials your spey hackles intrigue me most of the schlappen I see is too thick for my taste and the blue takes a big whallop out of my walllet every year I find some nice heron feathers in may must be molting time have this spot where I always find them,probably go to jail for admiting that on the net HOT HOT HOT


Speyman excellent spey pattern. Finally a spey fly that
looks like it belongs in the water and not just on the
wall. Would this fly shop have these same materials in
pink?I think that I could do all of my summer fishing with this fly in those two colors.Thanks for posting this
great fly for us.

BP in OR.
I have pink but it is pretty hot pink, not somber like the Shrimp Orange. It might be fun to add a bit ow brown to the pink to tone it down a bit. I also have Summer Duck which is a light brown made rich with ammber and gold. This is the next excellent color on my chart. I also have Rhea finally. These feathers have web in the 3-7" range, wow! See it a or River Run Anglers.
Excellent questions.
A Spey fly is a great thing to use whether using a Spey rod, single hander, or even under a float on a Shimano. The flies are the key. They are somber, alive, long hackle which move and suggest movement. Ed Ward has always said that flies that catch Steelhead must suggest movement. We are not matching the hatch. I use Speys and used to fish them on one handed rods in the beginning. They took a lot of fish. Whatever fly you use, make sure it suggests movement. And do give the Snoqualmie Spey a try!