FS 2 trout speys for sale. Excellent condition!

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Beulah Platinum 5wt 11' 7"
lightly used,feels really light in hand, in great condition retails at $545.

Echo DH 5wt 12'2"
new in tube, haven't even put it together, shrink wrap still on cork. I didn't end up using it because i got the Beulah.
looking for $250 including paypal fee and shipping within the US. split shipping for Canada.

Hardy Bougle or a perfect or a speyco, Nextcast lines, Burkheimer 5115-4, 7134-4... let me know what you've got and i'll definitely consider it. obviously if its a burkheimer rod,or something expensive, i'd be giving you some money as well as the rod because of the price difference.

Thomas Williams

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Pirate, im interested in the DH. I would be using it just for trout so my question is how i.H. s the stiffness and action compared to the buelah platinum. Does it feel like more of a 6 or 7 wt? Know what I mean? A true trout spey? Let me know thanks.
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