Are motorized boats allowed on Upper Yakima for fishing

I was just at the east Clem Elum launch and a rather large "river boat" powered into the launch with 6 guys on the boat. Several of them had fly fishing rods. Clearly they had been fishing from the power boat.

Never saw that before. Didn't even know it was legal.

Is it?

Amazingly enough, one of the guys had a gorgeous Don Hill drift boat on a trailer, but wasn't using it, rather came from the power boat.


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According to the regs, you can only use a power boat from Roza Dam to about 1/2 a mile upstream. The rest of the river is oars for power. If this was a guide, he was in the wrong.


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They were recovering that beautiful boat and all the fishing gear. Happy they got it out. In this case, they did have permission.

See the thread: Upper Yakima hazzards.


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Yeah, saw your other post, Whitey. So what happened?

But most importantly, I'm glad that everyone was safe!


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It's never good. I'd rather not go into detail, other then to say everybody made it. I've done many rescues, I've seen lots of bad things happen to really nice people. It's seems fun from the outside, but you lay in bed at night and think about it. How close it really was, and how fast it really happens.

100's of accidents, crashed boats, drownings, even a plane crash. bear attack? yup. heart attacks? yes. CPR? not fun. Dead guy? unfortunately yes to that too.

I've always been the rescuer, But I would be a fool to think it couldn't happen to me. My only hope, my solice, is that if, or when it does, my guide brothers will be there for me. YT

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Isn't there a sign at the Rail Road Bridge below the ringer boat ramp put in that mentions the end of the area where power boats are allowed? I have not floated that section for a couple of years, so the sign may no longer be on the bridge. It always made me wonder if power boats were allowed in that section of river.

Could someone please clairify? Have you seen the sign, or better yet, have a pic?


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OMJ pretty well called it: without special permission, powered watercraft are not allowed from Roza launch at the upper end of the Roza Dam impoundment up to the Easton Dam. It's spelled out quite clearly in the regulations pamphlet.

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Kim, just before the Taylor Bridge Fire last summer, I put in at East and the KC Sheriff was there, performing a rescue just below the put-in - guess where? :)

They were doing some SERIOUS work trying to retrieve two floaters who got their cheapie stuck in a sweeper. It took two boats, one from East and one that came up from below, to get them out. As the second boat headed back downstream, my wife and I were just settling in for an overnighter, and we offered the rescuers a cold drink after what sounded like total mayhem from where we were. That they weren't hauling bodies out was a good thing.


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I'm just a volunteer! And happy to help.

Kittitas Co. search and rescue as well as the Cle Elum fire dept. were on scene. Its all good.

Yes, I'm being vague and giving some "BS" answers. I'm not going to put people on blast over the internet. That's not right IMO. Imagine it was you? would you want it blabbed all over the internet? A person asked a question, rather then get a flaming thread going, I tried to explain it.

Sorry. ;)