8WT Multi-tip lines

Looking for some line advice. I'm going to purchase an 9'6" med-fast action 8wt rod, and I am looking for some recommendations on a multi-tip line for both freshwater steelhead/salmon use and saltwater salmon use. Is there such a line out their, or do I have to build one. I've got Rio multi-tip spey lines on my 6 and 9wt spey rods but don't have any experience with multi-tip lines for single handed rods. Thanks in advance, Steve


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Last week, I was down at Patrick's, and John showed me Airflo's multi-tip line. The connections looked pretty good--not the kind that would hang up in the guides. Apparently, John moves quite a number of these. Give him a call--he might have received another shipment of 8wt's by now.

Rio Versitip might be a good choice as it appears you already show some brand loyalty to Rio. According to their literature, the Versitip was created from the Windcutter design and developed for exactly those fishing situations you described.

I've got a Versitip system in 8-wt that I purchased in 1998 and it is still going strong. Though I use 30 foot shooting heads and small diameter sinking running lines to get deeper, I still use the Versitip wading if I'm using the 8-wt. 15ft tips plus belly gives you a 38-foot head and, once you discover that is what needs to be outside the rod tip during the casting stroke to load on the rod, good distance is easily achieved. Any potential hinging effect is greatly suppressed due to the welded loops. The system now includes a 15-foot clear Aqualux intermediate sinking tip as well.

Haven't used any other manufacturer's product so can't comment on them, but for what its worth, I can say I've been very pleased with all the Rio products I've tried and use. Their website is http://www.rioproducts.com/.