not so long ago on Hummel Lake


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I was out on Lopez Island a few weeks ago, and decided to give Hummel Lake a go. In the rush to get packed and get out of town on a Friday after work, I didn't check all the fishing boxes, so discovered too late that I didn't have a net!
Regardless, it was tons of fun. I had only been in a float tube once before, and with no luck. What a thrill to have 18-20" bows jumping out of the water at eye level. Once I tied on a black/olive bugger, I started getting regular hits. Brought 3 like this one to the tube and had a bigger one lose it with some nice acrobatics. Those fish were real feisty, made for a real nice day.
Bonus that I had the lake all to myself.


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Nice job. Hummel is really fun early on before the vegetation builds up. It is stocked and can produce some nice trout as you've shown. But it also has healthy bluegill populations; my mother-in-law, a country gal from Kentucky, was a big fan of frying up for breakfast the panfish that I caught there. The bluegills should be bedding down now. A cast with a small popper to the shore or off the lily pads can fill a day with action. On occasion, a trout will take the popper; they look sooo embarrassed... There are also a few bass in there too (seems like there should be more but most may be mostly stunted by the abundant bluegills), but these better fish tend to hold in the deeper lily pad areas. I've lost the only really nice bass that I hooked there, usually after long casts to tiny windows of open water. Unfortunately, my MIL sold her Lopez house and moved to Portland - no summer islands trips probably...


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I've fished Hummel Lake a few times over the years, but only in mid-to-late October...lots of bluegills to the net, and a few smaller rainbows, but nothing like those big 'bows in your photo above...I'll have to try it in the Spring sometime.