Quick Florida keys Tarpon Trip Report

Went on a trip to the Florida Keys for a week to fly fish for tarpon. Hit the worm hatch and killed it the first evening. Then we had terrible weather the rest of the trip including a tropical storm but we still managed to hook a few fish each evening. Anyway, we jumped a bunch of poon and had a blast. Here are a few pics out of the 100 or so that we took on the trip.
Fly fishing for tarpon 183.JPG Fly fishing for tarpon 210.JPG Fly fishing for tarpon 206.JPG Fly fishing for tarpon 200.JPG

Tight Lines Everyone!


MA-9 Beach Stalker
Very nice, congratulations! The rough seas must have made casting on the platform a little tricky. That tarpon you have by the lip is a big girl. I'd love to fish for them during the worm hatch when they are feeding, your hook-up rate was amazing. I can't wait until my next trip.


I hope she likes whitefish
Hey Jonathan, I was down there last week for the storm as well...glad you got into the fish before she hit!
Luke we were out fishing in the storm catching fish. We had a little issue trying to run back in the rain, wind and lighting though. Would not recommend running your flats boat aground in a lighting storm. Makes for an intense situation.
No Mingo I was referring to how many pictures we took. I hooked 23 tarpon on the trip. The palolo worm hatch is basically just some worms that swim up out of the corral around this time of year and tarpon go nuts for them.


The wanted posters say Tim Hartman
Nice report both here and on your blog, JT!

That place looks a bit more plush than just sleepin' in the back of the truck! ;)

Glad to hear that you guys got into some fish; sorry to hear that the weather was not the best but it looks as if you made the best of it!