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When you sell something with a lifetime warranty you fix the reel , not this we'll give you a 50.00 credit torwards our new reel that looks like it belongs on a pimpmobile b.s. SO INSHORT THEIR WARRANTY IS WORTHLESS..
It sucks when you have an old product that you love and it breaks. However, very few manufacturers continue to fix something forever vs trade it out or give credit towards a new item. Rod manufacturers swap a new model for an old one all the time.

But, you are right - Lamson USA's warranty on their LP reels is useless since the company no longer exists. Lamson was bought by Sage and then Sage sold it to Waterworks. Waterworks-Lamson continued to support the reel for a while. Last I knew, US Law only requires manufacturers to stock parts to service discontinued products for 7 years and as the LP was discontinued when Waterworks bought Lamson in 1998, they are well past that period. Depending on the purchase agreement, they may not have had to support the reel or honor the lifetime warranty at all. Based on the problems with the LP, I know I wouldn't have signed up for honoring the lifetime warranty if I were them.

However, Waterworks-Lamson does have a lifetime warranty on the products they produced, which started with the Velocity reel. For an old broken LP, the trade-in isn't $50 credit, it is 50% off a similar reel, which could be up to $180 off depending on the model.

"Late in 1998, we acquired Lamson from Sage Manufacturing. The LPs were discontinued and the remaining stock was sold. We are sorry to inform you that we no longer repair or have parts for LP reels and spools. Here are some options for you.
• You can purchase a Velocity, Guru or Konic reel at 50% off retail price.
• LP reels can be repaired by Bill Archuleta of Archuleta’s Reel Works."
I apologize....Powell does continue a fly rod product. Definetly not the focus of their products/company. Maybe if you broke an older well built fly rod you might get their one and only fly rod in exchange....and evidently it casts mono line with lb. rating. Pretty nifty for 349.00. Any one have/tried one?
It`s a shame how they`ve run that company into the ground .
They used to make some nice sticks .


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Huh? Check their website. They make a Kraken 5 that holds a 12 WFF and 300 yards of backing, weighs a smidgen over 8 ounces and is 4.45" in diameter. That's plenty big enough for a sailfish or tuna. That will be my next purchase from them.

5 4.45" 8.11oz/230g 2.17" 1.58" 12wt WFF + 300yd 30lb backing 12wt to 14wt WFF
600gr to 1000gr Shooting Heads $229
A Kraken :eek: name!


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I don't know about the 50.00 credit ordeal, but many companies including G.Loomis offer same type of warranty. Styles, technology, tooling, etc. change and a reel you bought 20 years ago is most likely not being manufactured any longer, nor are the parts, etc. When inventory of parts runs out then they switch over to replacement model. Lamson is not the only reel company of being guilty trying to outfit a pimpmobile, I too don't care for the looks of some of their newer reels, but when you buy with a lifetime/replacement warranty that cleary states what the policy is you are at the mercy of many variables. Including potential new owners that can drastically bring change, new research/design teams that were in elementary school when you first casted your fly rod, loss of materials...creation of new, better, cheaper materials :confused:...or move production overseas. At least Lamson/Waterworks is still around and still a viable player in the game. How would you like to have one of the nice older Powell fly rods with a lifetime warranty break on you today? What does that lifetime warranty get you? A stiff Bait Casting Bassmaster and a package of assorted gummy worms :eek:
Hardy , will repair reels that a nearing 100 years old thats what lifetime warranty means no B.S. period


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Just an FYI:

I've been researching the Allen reels on the web and I've learned they're manufactured in China and that allegedly, sometimes Justin and his company has problems with supply.

So I tried to order the Allen reel I wanted today but I see it's "currently unavailable" (the Alpha III #3 in blue/red).

I e-mailed them in order to see what is my best course of action.

Order now, order later when it's in......?

I've also sent a PM to WFF'er and Allen employee Evan Burck to see if he can tell me a bit more info.

Nothing negative here. I'm just really enamored of that blue/red reel and want to get it in my sweaty little hands!! :D


The wanted posters say Tim Hartman
So, within an hour of my sent message I got this reply from the company:

"Hi Tim,
I just got word yesterday the #3 blue reels are ready now. We can add one in stock for you to purchase. It might take 10 days or so to ship. I'm out of the country right now. I cc'd Kyle on this email to further help you if needed.
Thank you"

Holy crap!!! Is that customer service or what????? :D

If the reel lives up to the service they give their customers, I'll be absolutely gob-smacked! :Big Thumbs Up:

I am so looking forward to putting this red and blue beauty on my new 8 wt. BVK!

Thank you, Allen Fly Fishing!!!! :cool:
I had an older Allen trout series that the drag decided to go on vacation four days before my annual fishing trip across Montana. I got ahold of Evan to ask about purchasing a new reel quickly, instead he sent me the correct parts to fix mine in two days free of charge and the reel was back in buisness and the day saved.

Beat that for customer service!!

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Simple only hardy. So do they repair them in China?
No I have had them repaired in canada at their repair shop,and even if they repaired them in china that still beats the so called 7 year lamson lifetime warranty. I guess 7 years is a lifetime for some folks


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Try to buy made in U.S. on everything.
This whole lifetime thing when it comes to fishing gear is silly.
If we are talking firearms. that's another deal. but then any good firearm can be fixed at a good gunsmith most of the time.
seems like all that lifetime warranty deal has done to fishing gear is make it more expensive. My 2 cents.