Thanks To speybum on woven bodied flies


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Yeah, I saw those the last time I was up in Aaron's shop! Pretty cool in my opinion. I assume that the weave kind of imitates a hard casing on a nymph. Would that be correct?

Have you had a chance to fish any of the weave patterns yet?



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Yeah Aaron straightened me out on those. I was introduced to them, and started tying them, 12 or so years ago by some central europeans. I thought it was new. Aaron showed me the error of my ways. Amurikans have been doing it for decades... Thanks for the history lesson Aaron.
Aaron showed me how to weave those beautiful flies, he's a master of it. It's remarkably easy, and the flies he creates with those weaves have some beautiful bodies. They also have some great trout fishing applications, can you imagine the possibility of segmented bodies for nymphs?!


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