Plastic shellback material?

Bob Triggs

Stop Killing Wild Steelhead!
I have used latex glove material with good results. It comews in a range of colors. The natural or beige color has worked best for me. I also use bugskin and edgebright, and all kinds of crap I find around. The idea about theatrical lighting gel sounds good. Im going to try it out, and the computerdrive stuff, the mylar- awesome.

Rob Blomquist

Formerly Tight Loops
In some hobby and craft shops one can get transparent/translucent paper twist in a pearl mylar.

Its possible to get a couple yards for only a couple dollars. Just cut 6" off, untwist the twist, and pass the rest to another fly tier.

It rocks for shell backs.

i use stuff i find at craft stores. it is the flat clear rubber used in sweatpant cuffs and waist bands. it is about 30-40 cents a yard. it accepts permanent markers well. if you color only side it is lighter than if you do both sides. for example if one side is done in black the result is olive which is a great color for is very toughwith a good shelf life. this stuff is the best i have seen and the cheapest. mww

Jim Wheeler

Full time single dad and pram builder
Stillwater Solutions Midge Flex. Comes in two sizes and eleven different colors. The stuff was designed by Brian Chan and Phil Rowley. I have been tying with it for a few months now. I think it's the most realistic looking shellback material available. Look on our website for colors if you haven't seen it in your local fly shop.

Jim & Shauneen Wheeler
Spring Creek Prams/Ell Lake Flyshop