Let's Talk Rain Gear

Just a couple weeks ago I broke a fairly old cabela's rod. It took them some time to figure it out but eventually they have me store credit for the rod. It wasn't a lot, but they didn't have to do anything. No hassle, no questions asked. Others may not like them much, but they have done alright by me.

The Arlington location is a little closer, if you are in Seattle.

I'm not sure how the Cableas Pac Lite Rainy River Jacket compares to the exact Cabela's Guidewear jacket ($229) you are referring too in your post.

My Pac Lite is a very light no frills Jacket. Two zip pockets, a hood and some velcro on the cuffs. It keeps me dry, sheltered from the wind and pacs down small. The price was right for my as i paid between $49 and $68 for the three of them i purchased. Two were gifts. I couldn't touch that price for similar Pac Lite Goretex Jackets that other brand name retailers were offering.

I do have an older Cabela's Guidewear Goretex Jacket but i know they make a bunch of different guidewear models and they change them often. The one i have is a full length heavy duty non-insulated, fall winter spring use jacket with many pockets a very useful hood and cuff system. I do not wear it in summer due to its heavier weight and inablity to pack down small. I mostly wear for winter outdoor activities like skiing. Its been a good jacket - no complaints. It was $129 on sale.

Cabela's Warranty Return Policy Here for reference

So far i've been happy with their customer service...
No he means hypothermia. If you get all sweaty and clammy, from the non-breathables then its easy to get hypothermia. If you are one of those rare people who doesn't get all sweaty in non-breathables, then your good to go with neoprene, and cheap PVC or rubber.
Yeah, if you're just looking to not get wet, this is the way I'd go too. I do have a wading jacket, but its primary use is for the wind, then med to light rain. For the heavy rain, out comes the $11.99 PVC Pancho/jacket.


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Me, I buy from Value Village. I typically can get an old used Columbia or similar rain coat with hood for under $10. Here's the trick, though. Pay attention, or you'll get really wet going this route. Buy a used name brand b/w jacket that is fully tape seamed. Wash jacket with outdoor clothing soap. Next, buy a can of outdoor silicone spray and spray the jacket (WaterGuard is the product I buy). Wait a day, then spray again. Result: Waterproof. If you get the seamed version, the jacket should keep you dry for a few hours if not longer. Make sure you take the coat out in a rainstorm to test this, or in your shower. The pummeling water will tell you if you sprayed correctly, or if you bought the right cheap jacket in the first place. To repeat, test your work. You don't want to be caught out in a rainstorm with gear you don't trust. Now, the breathability of the jacket might be in question, but for me, I want the waterproof part, and rely on the jacket's vents/zippers to keep the air circulating. Besides, I'm not huffing and puffing up a mountain in rainstorms to find my fishing, where more breathability might be an issue. I'm not that guy. If you are that guy, then buy new, expensive stuff. And besides, I tend to be one of those survivor guys. I pay attention to my respiration when I'm fishing. If I'm sweating too much, even using a breathable jacket, I'm likely to change my activity levels, slow down, that sort of thing, rather than rely too heavily on breathable clothing to keep me safe and comfortable.

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Good timing, anyway. I usually try to buy any rain gear just as summer is coming on and it goes on sale. I scored a nice breathable back country rain shell on the Clymb a while back that was made especially for backpacking. Made by Sierra Designs. So far it hasn't leaked, and I'm really happy with it. Its a solidly built shell, made to wear under a pack. It has a flexible panel in the back. It has armpit zippers in case one needs extra breathability. It has waterproof zippers on the pockets, too. Lightweight and packable.
It originally listed at well over $100, but I picked it up for less than half of that. Kept me bone dry when fishing Lake Crescent in the rain with Jim Speaker. I recommend this.


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Just bite the bullet and get goretex proshell. It's stupid expensive but it won't break down after just two years of heavy use.
Just bite the bullet and get goretex proshell. It's stupid expensive but it won't break down after just two years of heavy use.
That's basically the conclusion I've come to, especially if I'm going to be doing any foul weather fishing. But since I've only been doing summers, I'm sure that Paclite would more than suffice. Kinda wish it had one of those huge hoods to put a hat under, but we can't have everything. Waiting for a nice closeout sale on one.