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Well guys ,
It is that time to start thinking of fishing the beaches for me anyway. now I am not looking for intel on the secret hot spots etc I grew up by golden gardens and carkeek park back in the day they were good places (60-70"s) I now live in the wenatchee area after having moved down fron alaska :(:(:( homesick as hell too . are the 2 beaches I mentioned still doable ? I especially remember carkeek as kids we would fish pipers creek for cuts on the high tide and get almost anything on the beach where the creek emptied . further down the tracks southward a bit it was great barred surf perch fishing my main interest is in tidewater pinks while they are still bright and tasty . I will miss alaskas liberal limits on them they are great for the smoker and also make a good sandwich spread as well so right now it looks like getting the maps out to find access in other areas where rivers come in I am boat poor at this time so am beach bound also thinking ogf taking the grand daughter along if I find a bunch of pinks could be a good laugh as she is not much larger than the quarry :D My other question is patterns for wa. pinkies I am used to the typical alaskan choice of the old reliable purple egg sucking leech any ideas on this prefer simple utility patterns , recently bought both editions of fly fishing for pacific salmon and they are great reads so far Tube style flies for pinks? any ideas ? well gotta go thanx for the time smitty


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Looks as if you're concentrating of fishing pinks.

Just use the search function for "pinks" and you'll find lots of information.

A fair number of posts recently about this fishery and the Puget Sound should have 6 million of these critters showing up pretty soon!

I'm gonna try to catch most of them up here on the northern Kitsap and Olympic Peninsula before they get down to the Sound folks!! ;)


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A tube with barbel eyes, a cerise marabou tail a body and purple schlappen collar would do great
Have fun with the little one
I bought mini waders for my nephews it's pretty cool
Thanx for the info , yeah I know I seem to be targeting the pinks but they usually keep company with the others too the tube recipe sounds pretty good I'll give it a go I try to keep the patterns simple due to the mortality rate etc. Have also been using circle hooks this year takes a bit of getting used to , thanx again smitty
I just like my woolly buggers in pink, tied in different ways. slender, no hacklels, longer tails and some others that I will try this yr. here comes the pinks, should be a lot of fun. tight lines to all.



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Carkeek fishes ok, but not great. Better for searuns then salmon in my opinion though I have caught three species of salmon there.
I think it would fish better if it had a more pronounced point and deeper water.
I've live above it for over 25 years, but can't remember the last time I fished there. To many better beach options if you go south, north or west.