SFR: cat piss on goretex waders

In case anybody wants it, here's the link on how to wash your waders (Simms in this case);

...and from a hygienic standpoint, it's clean and refreshing...


I don't think I'll ever be thinking "clean and refreshing!" as I'm pulling my waders on... hahaha.

Thanks Stew, except for that one damn funny line, it was really informative.

FYI, the thing that the Simms website care instructions state that he didn't state is: bleach free. Bleach is the biggest no-no for goretex fabrics.

Old Man

Just an Old Man
Good news: I can't smell cat pee at all and they're dry. Seems the second washing with baking soda did the trick. And, oh man they are clean! I'm gonna look like some kinda greenhorn out there swatting mosquitos this weekend in fancy spotless G3s! Haha
Man, I never clean up any gear. I don't want to look like a newb out there fishing. I never clean up my cork on my rods. It took me long enough to get my gear to look used. As for waders, I can't remember that last time I wore them. Maybe two years ago in the Fall. I think it was cold out that day.