Sage One at costco...



No shit the only rod. We carry Winston, GLoomis and Redington and the only one that sells is the ONE! Since may we have sold probably 30 sage ones!
How the heck is Costco able to get away with this. I thought that Sage control's the pricing on there products. If Costco can do it what is stopping Cabelas, and Basspro from doing it too? Something is not right here. I call bullshit on this.

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Okay OLD MAN I get your point but does that justify Costco putting your local fly shop out of business because they are undercutting the independently owned fly shops by just over 300$. And even if the rod is overpriced for you. It's the only rod my shop sells. So your preference is not considered the norm per my standards. I'm not trying to argue with you, however if you don't want to buy a 700$ rod that's fine, it doesn't mean that your local shop should have to compete with Costco!
Talk to the maker of these rods. They control the pricing. My closest big box store is Walmart and they are 65 miles away. My closest Costco is about 120 miles away. I go to Walmart just about every other month. To buy what I need that fly shops don't sell. I haven't been to Costco in two years. I buy all my fly shit at Frontier Anglers here in Dillon.

Even If I could afford a $700.00 rod, I still wouldn't buy one.


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As the linked older thread above explains, Costco regularly intercepts products of all kinds from distribution channels and sells them. It's legal, but remember that if you buy a Sage One from Costco, you will not get warranty coverage.
An online search reveals three Loomis fly rods available at Costco with discounts similar to the the Sage One noted above. The Sage One was not listed online.


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It's legal, but remember that if you buy a Sage One from Costco, you will not get warranty coverage.
I do not believe this is true, with Sage they do not require a receipt when you turn in the warranty card. I also do not believe they require vendors to record serial numbers when selling them, now Loomis rods do require you to turn in a receipt to get the wildcard (and good luck walking into a Costco with a wildcard anyway). Also a large portion of Sages secondary market and resale is probably due to the fact they are known to fix anything for free or for the 50 dollar charge.

I am betting if this story is true then Sage will come out with something that says blah blah blah we didnt know, blah blah blah stricter control of our stock, blah blah blah, and hopefully that will be the end of it.


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Search at costco shows g.loomis GLX's for sale in the low 400.00's but no sage ones. Maybe at limited stores...or they just have not updated their web site yet.

and Kcahill, its been a while but when I turned in a warranty card they did not ask for receipt but they did ask where it was purchased from, and mine also had a white sticker bar code tag on it with the rod's serial number. I'm pretty sure they keep track of distribution and serieal numbers. This helped them identify the distributor that sold to costco last time...I believe those were the Z-Axis rods.

....And yes it is bullshit!


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Costco works with diversionary shipping tactics. That polite nice store from Kirkland can be real asshats in their "best practices" Remember when they got ahold of simms waders. They went out and bought all of them back from Costco when they found out at full retail because Costco and their infinite wisdom wouldnt sell them back at cost.

Fook that


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Well PT, Costco has done this in the past with the Z-Axis and another line of rods...flight? (can't remember). They have done it with Simms waders. Currently G.Loomis GLX 700.00 plus rods our listed on their site for the low 400.00's. On speypages someone wrote that their costco in idaho had sage one's for sale. Is it unbelievable that costco is selling sage one's? Based on past record I don't need proof anymore, they have an established SOP.
I contact sage a while back and talked to them about this problem they were having with Costco selling there rods. What they told me was that sage does not distribute to Costco. For that matter when sage find out about the rods being sold at Costco, Sage will go and buy up the inventory from the Costco. That way it does not hurt the smaller fly shops and other retailers that sage does deal with.