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That's what adorns the 2013-2014 Federal Duck Stamp. I stopped by the post office today and picked one up. Tomorrow I might go get my Migratory License for Washington.

Birds have been a big part of each day lately. Fledgling crows are following their parents around crowing their squeaky "caws" still begging for food. The neighborhood echos with their racket.

I spend hours dreaming about hitting the woods for grouse in September, pheasant in October, and ducks in November. The reloading bench is littered with hulls, wads, shot, powder, and recipes for various loads. I need to get lines and weights on the decoys. I dream at night about far away and expensive places to hunt upland birds and ducks, lodge dinner tables filled with good food and drink.

I'm thinking about getting a side by side UTV to haul Sasha up the hill with me instead of the ATV, she never would stay on that one. She's 12 and I want her to enjoy as many more seasons as she can.

Everything is in a state of flux and anticipation now, nothing really tangible. About 7 weeks before it gets real...I never have been a patient man...

Even the black berry brambles are too far off, still nothing but blooms and little green buds. Dang, isn't anything ready to go?

Any one else itching like me...?
took the beretta A400 xplor and shot some clays last weekend. thinking about getting a 687 or SV10 for upland. I've had a few browning O/U but after buying a berretta Semi-auto I dont think I will buy any other hunting shotgun besides beretta, the gas system on the A400 is so much smoother then the intertia on the SBE 2
Strawberries have come and gone, I've been picking raspberries everyday for the last 2 weeks though. Soon it will be limits of pinks to can, and picking black berries until I just get bored with it.
The pup comes home in a week and a half for us, so whatever free time I have will quickly fly away.
Everything is as it should be.


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Quick day break hike before work with the dog in the hills and timber. Dog kept stopping and pointing. Chipmunk? Kept dog on a short lead. Then Oh schit! And the sound of birds jumping up all around.

We Kicked up Huns, a blue grouse, a ruff and some quail. All with young that flew away with their respective mothers.

signs are there that this year should be good.

We both took cold showers