MA 10 - 7/14


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Hit the beach this morning at 4:30. What I was looking for was there. I had two kings roll 40-50' off the beach. I covered both with several casts but got no love. Still got the blood flowing pretty good.
Salad was manageable. Anyone notice how many jellyfish there are this year? More then I can recall seeing in the past.
The tide started to die out so I fished my way back to my rig. Ended up with a shaker coho and a 14" searun.
It was nice having the beach to myself for nearly three hours. Decided to call it a day around 8:00 to get some home maintenance projects done.
Though a bit premature on their run timing, team humpy was showing up in force as I was leaving.


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I have no point of reference, but I stood in the water fishing off Bainbridge Friday, and the water was thick with jelly fish. There will millions of 1" diameter specimens all the way up to some of the biggest I'd ever seen in my life. I actually spent more time taking the 1" jelly fish off my hook than salad. (Also saw one big king roll, and brought 2 very small SRC's to hand.)
I noticed the Jellyfish armada yesterday too. So many! I kept worrying that I was going to hook one, but surprisingly they seemed to be able to stay off the hook pretty well.

Was a nice morning yesterday though. One tug, felt small, and other than that nothing to show for it on my end.
Way to go Brian..... I'll bet those kings really got the adrenaline pumping, I know I would have been going crazy with the thought of hooking up..... Next time maybe ??


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It seems like the chinook bite the fly when you least expect it and are holding a 6wt with light tippet. Nice to hear that you spotted them.


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Do I know this MA-10 beach? I hit MA9 in the early AM, packed up and headed south to MA10 during slack tide. I arrived at around 930 so at least I can rest assured that you're not calling me part of Team Humpy. Fished until with 3 with a couple light takes, a large sculpin, and an approx. 12" cutt to hand. Spent a few minutes watching some jellies doing the deed in the slack water behind those tanks or whatever they are.


Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater
You might know said MA 10 beach ;)
A good friend and board member was down there a few years ago. He arrived at 5:00 AM and started fishing. At 10:00, a team member showed up and proceeded to tell him he shouldn't be flyfishing down there. Let the fun begin.....