inflatable kayak recommendations

had a pontoon. would like to go frameless. fish tailwaters. no whitewater. 2 person capacity,
but would paddle solo occasionally. Budget under $1000. Hopefully way under that number.
What would you recommend? Thanks.


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Aire Lynx or Lynx II for a double. Super durable, paddle nice and fairly light. Used ones are usually around 700 or 800. They have an offshore version called the Aire Tributary.


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As you want to fish two people, you have ruled out the absolute best inflatable fishing kayak, IMHO. If you can live with a solo boat, check out the Outcast Commander: It is specifically designed for fishing and allows you to use fins, unlike most of the other inflatable kayaks on the market. After using fins with pontoons and float tubes, I have to say I hate fishing out of a kayak that I can't use fins with.

For double kayaks, the Aire kayak mentioned above is great. Another great choice would be an Innova kayak. Lots of models to choose from. I have the Helios II and a Safari and they are awesome IK's but rarely fish out of them as I can't use fins.
Save money and buy an aquamarine 12' IK with high pressure floor. I paddled this over 32 miles of class 1-3 water up here in canada last weekend and it performed brilliantly. Cost $400 Also plenty of room for drybag and storage both bow and stearn.