Cedar Report, and first post.....and "one that got away" story.......


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Thanks guys! Sounds like I may have just missed the good dry fly window, as I was in the water after 7:00. I might drop in there tomorrow at 5:00 for a bit before work and see if I can make anything happen. It's hard for me to keep a dry on when I know I can usually produce fish nymphing, but I really want to get better with drys to be a more well rounded fisherman....just gotta put the time in though.
I frequent the cedar around the maple valley area and have found these past couple days have been great for drys. I always fish evenings (due to my schedule) and right about an hour before dark the fish start becoming very active. Ill through a small like size 8 terrestrial pattern, so I can see, and then a small caddis trailer. Catch alot of the 6-10 inches and the occasional 17.